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Hiroshi Odokawa (小戸川宏, Odokawa Hiroshi) is the main character in Odd Taxi. He is a 41-year old taxi driver.


Odokawa is an eccentric and quiet person who does not open up to others. He has a serious and compassionate side. His hobbies include listening to Rakugo before going to bed and listening to the radio while working.


Warning This section contains spoilers, especially information from episodes 11, 12, and 13. Expand to read.

In episode 13 it is revealed that he's actually human, and that his visual agnosia makes him perceive everyone as animals.


  • His business card states his address in Mukaiyama-bashi 5-12 Irodori Heights 102 in Nerima ward.
  • His taxi cab is a 1968 Toyota Corona.